Miniature Garden

I know that I've mentioned it before, but it's worth repeating.  I LOVE MINIATURES!  They just make me happy!  If there is a miniature version of something, I must have it.  I have issues.

 Because of my miniature obsession, my very favorite ride at Disneyland is the Storybook Canal boats.  You ride a boat through all of the miniature scenes from Disney movies like the house from Alice in Wonderland, or a miniature Castle for Cinderella.  I could ride this ride over and over and never get tired of it.  I love noticing all of the details like the size of the miniature trees and landscape, which are all real of course.  My dream is to one day have lots of miniature gardens and cottages all through my back yard.  But not with boats or anything for people to ride through it, I'm not that crazy.  (Please don't tell my husband, I'm pretty sure he won't be on board).

I've decided to start small.  Here is my first attempt at a miniature garden scene.  Isn't it the most precious thing you've ever seen?  It makes me giddy with excitement.  (Uh oh, I think my husband can tell I'm up to something, he sees that I'm giddy with excitement and he's worried)  Oh well, he'll come around eventually.

Before the reveal, this gives you an idea of the scale of it.  I made the miniature tire swing out of one of Baby Bumblebee's toy truck tires and a strand of jute.  

This is the mini flag garland I made from washi tape.  It was super simple to make and rain proof.

Isn't is cute?  I just love it!