Back to School Dinner-Part 2

We have been busy bees around here getting Queen Bee ready to leave for college.  We drop her off tomorrow and I am an emotional wreck.  I am really going to miss seeing her everyday.  Although it's hard for her dad and me, I am excited for her.  She is such an amazing girl and I'm sure will have a wonderful experience.   Okay, enough of the mommy tears...on to happier memories.  

I wanted to share a few more pictures of our back to school dinners today.  One of my favorite ways to decorate the table for back to school dinner is to cover the table with paper and let the kids draw on it to decorate themselves.  You can use black paper with chalk or white paper with crayons, they each look great and the kids have a lot of fun decorating the table.

The kids love making a wish for the new school year and blowing out their candles in an apple (pictured above). 

Below is the table I did for Queen Bee's first day of high school back-to-school dinner.  Her school colors were yellow and brown which is pretty unfortunate for the most part.  However, they did make a pretty back-to-school table setting which is a bonus. When your school colors match sunflowers how can you go wrong?  

Here is the picture I promised last time...well, sort of.  Here is my little lunch lady in her hair-net.  This was one of our favorite back-to-school dinners.  We had a blast being the lunch ladies.  I'm sure gonna miss this girl (yes, I'm crying now).  Love you Magnolia!