Decorating with Meaning-Collections

Decorating with Meaning-Collections

I love collecting things that make me happy!  Collections can be great to display throughout your home as small groupings.  The picture above shows a few of the cake plates from my cake plate collection.  You don't have to display your whole collection at once, I have many more vintage cake plates that I display in my office.  I just choose a few here and there to display together in other places in my home.  I like to change it up and keep things fresh and new.  

Behind the cake plates in this picture is another meaningful piece I have.  The salvaged wood distressed artwork was a gift that my dad made for me based on one sold in Pottery Barn.  It is amazing!

Another collection I have is my vintage Nancy Drew books.  I LOVE Nancy Drew books!  They are so nostalgic to me.  When I was a young girl I was obsessed with Nancy Drew and read most of them.  I didn't really own any when I was younger, I always checked them out at the library.  I recently saw some for sale at a vintage store, and I was hooked!  I know it's a quirky little collection, but I love it and it makes me happy!  Like the cake plates, I don't display them all, just the yellow ones. (Did you know that the really old originals were bound in blue cloth?  Just a little Nancy Drew trivia for you.)  

In front of my glorious Nancy Drew collection I've displayed a vintage LDS sacrament tray.  I love all the little silver cups.  The trays all stack up neatly in a cool silver carrying case.  I find these fascinating.

Collections you love can become such a fun hobby.  I hope this little peek at some of my collections helps spark your interest in displaying collections you love!