The Hive Christmas Home Tour 2015- Front Room

Welcome back for our final installment of The Hive Christmas Home Tour 2015.  Our front room is the most colorful and whimsical room in our house at Christmas time.  I love my Christmas ornament wreath that hangs above my piano. 

On the piano I have displayed pictures of Christmas past.  It is so much fun to take them out each year and remember all of our fun Christmas memories.  

I use my front room shelves to display my Department 56 Christmas Village.

Decorating with Meaning-Collections

Decorating with Meaning-Collections

I love collecting things that make me happy!  Collections can be great to display throughout your home as small groupings.  The picture above shows a few of the cake plates from my cake plate collection.  You don't have to display your whole collection at once, I have many more vintage cake plates that I display in my office.  I just choose a few here and there to display together in other places in my home.  I like to change it up and keep things fresh and new.  

Behind the cake plates in this picture is another meaningful piece I have.  The salvaged wood distressed artwork was a gift that my dad made for me based on one sold in Pottery Barn.  It is amazing!

Another collection I have is my vintage Nancy Drew books.  I LOVE Nancy Drew books!  They are so nostalgic to me.  When I was a young girl I was obsessed with Nancy Drew and read most of them.  I didn't really own any when I was younger, I always checked them out at the library.  I recently saw some for sale at a vintage store, and I was hooked!  I know it's a quirky little collection, but I love it and it makes me happy!  Like the cake plates, I don't display them all, just the yellow ones. (Did you know that the really old originals were bound in blue cloth?  Just a little Nancy Drew trivia for you.)  

In front of my glorious Nancy Drew collection I've displayed a vintage LDS sacrament tray.  I love all the little silver cups.  The trays all stack up neatly in a cool silver carrying case.  I find these fascinating.

Collections you love can become such a fun hobby.  I hope this little peek at some of my collections helps spark your interest in displaying collections you love!