Seasonal Decor Updates-Fourth of July Table Centerpiece

Fourth of July Table Centerpiece

On this post Seasonal Decor Updates-Spring Kitchen I shared how I keep my basic table centerpiece updated for the seasons by changing just a few key elements.  It's a super simple and inexpensive way to change things up a little and keep your home decor fresh and fun.  Today I wanted to share my patriotic table centerpiece that I use for the Fourth of July.  All I had to do to give it a completely different look is change the branches in the white vase out for flags.  I added a small succulent for a little more color and texture and that was it.  Wasn't that simple?  I hope this inspires you to change things up a little now and then.  Just a little change can make a huge difference in the feel of your home. 

Soda Pop Tower Cake For Dad

Soda Pop Tower Cake For Dad

What do a glue gun, soda pop, candy and a crazy cool Thor Pez dispenser equal?  Father's Day awesomeness!  Here's the perfect cake for Father's Day, no baking required.  Wondering how to begin?  Start with your dad's favorite beverage (28 cans), some candy he likes (preferably it color coordinates with his beverage of choice, but I realize not all dads color coordinate their favorite treats), and a Pez dispenser that you think represents your dad.  You'll need a glue gun, clear packing tape, and a sturdy base to build it on.  To start, you place one can in the center, then six cans circled around it.  I then used the clear packing tape to tape all of these cans sturdily together and glued them to the center of the base.  Then I glued another twelve cans around those base cans (these I only glued and didn't tape, because the tape would show).  I glued together another six cans around a center can, just like my initial group, and stacked them centered on top of my first layer.  The circles on the tops and bottoms of these cans will line up exactly on top of the layer underneath.  For the next layer, I glue on three cans but these cans will not line up exactly on top of the ones underneath because there are fewer cans in this layer.  The you finish with one can glued on top.

Then you can get creative with your candy embellishments.  I glued most of these directly to the cans.  On the row of Werther's Originals on the middle layer, I used foam double sided tape to stick them all across and then wrapped it tightly around.  This worked really well. On top of my first layer of cans to make candles, I cut some paper straws and glued a Werther's Originals on the top, then glued them onto the tops of the cans. Worker Bee actually suggested that I use Slim Jims as candles, but these were cuter.  Finally on top, glue your Pez dispenser (Worker Bee was Thor).  

It's fairly simple and your kids could even help with glue gun supervision and it would make a fun gift for many occasions.  The next time your wondering what to make with your glue gun, some soda pop, and a bunch of candy, you'll be prepared.