Seasonal Decor Updates-Spring Kitchen

Seasonal Decor Updates-Spring Kitchen

I like to mix things up around the Hive every now and again and I feel like the changing seasons and holidays are the perfect opportunity to refresh my decor and update it with fun new pieces.  Today I'm sharing what I do in my kitchen for the spring season.  

One of my favorite places to decorate seasonally is my dinning room table.  I usually stick with a few basics that are always in place, like the galvanized metal tray, the burlap runner, and my grandma's vintage cookbook. Then I like to add some seasonal or holiday accents.  To give you an idea of what I mean, here is my basic, everyday tablescape.

OHH everyday tablescape

Here is how I changed it up for spring this year.  I just added the little birds nest and eggs, changed out the twigs for pussy willows and switched the salt and pepper shakers for little bunnies.  This was a super simple, and inexpensive update.

For this Christmas tablescape, I changed basically everything but the runner and tray.  

OHH Christmas 2015 Tablescape

Hopefully this gives you some inspiration for making some small seasonal changes in your home. It's easy to add a little something now and then and have a little fun with your everyday decor. 


Spring Wreath

My Spring Wreath and 10 Tips for Making Your Own Spring Wreath

Every time I see my spring wreath it makes me happy!  I just love spring time and to me, it just screams spring!  Spring is one of the best times of the year to create amazing unique wreaths.  There are so many options for fun containers and beautiful spring florals.  Here are my top 10 tips for creating a fabulous spring wreath:

  • Look "outside the box" or "circle" in this case to find a fun container to arrange flowers in.
  • Use a variety of flowers but not too many.  I'd stick with around 3 or 4 different types.
  • Coordinate the color of flowers you use.  You could also use different types of flowers that are all the same color.
  • Use flowers that are different in mass.  Some should be light and wispy, like the white flowers at the bottom of my arrangement and the twigs at the top. Some should be more substantial like the tulips and hyacinth.
  • Choose flowers that will vary in height.  Try to have something tall and wispy, something medium height for the main arrangement and then something spilling over or really low and level with the base.  
  • Keep each variety of flower grouped in a clump.  Clumping them together makes your arrangement more current.
  • Use a variety of textures.  In my arrangement I bring in different textures with twigs, moss, the silk florals and the bow.
  • You don't always have to add a bow, but when you do, keep it rustic and natural.  Burlap, twine and jute are beautiful options.  Keep the colors really natural, especially when using a lot of colorful flowers.
  • 3m Command hanging strips are awesome to hang your wreaths!  I have a clear one on the window to hang this wreath from.  You really can't even see it and I love that you don't have to nail something into the door.
  • Have fun and be creative!  Making wreaths is one of my favorite things to do.  Enjoy yourself!

Stop back tomorrow when I will be sharing some more of my all time favorite spring wreaths.

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Easter Price Tag Download

Easter Price Tag Download

Easter is fast approaching.  Are you ready to open the doors of your bunny store?  My cute neighbor came over to tend baby bumblebee today and saw my bunny store setup up and didn't realize that the prices were in bunny money.  She was quite shocked that I was charging $10.00 for a Kit Kat bar. Now you can feel good about charging $10.00 for a Kit Kat bar too!  Download your own printable bunny store egg shaped price tags by clicking on the link below.

Egg Shaped Price Tags Download

Easter Store Inventory Ideas

Easter Store Inventory Ideas

There are so many fun options for Easter store stock.  To make it easier I decided to organize ideas into lists.  I got all of the items in my Bunny Store pictures from Target, my favorite store on the planet. The dollar store and Walmart are great options too.  The birthday party favor aisle is a great place to find packages of multiple fun toys that are super cheap.  If you want to shop online, Oriental Trading is a great resource.